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    We are very proud of our record of serving customers in all of the Specialty Stores associated with Aaron's General Store. We will share some of these e-mails with you but, will conceal the authors identity. If you want to communicate with some of the writers, we will be happy to contact them to make arrangements. As you know we serve a specialized clientele, including collectors, in "Out of Print Books" and it takes special care and handling to ensure that all our products arrive in as good condition as they were before they were shipped. Here we share with you some of the comments that we have received from some of these customers.

"Your Machine Screws site was very easy to navigate. I found exactly what I was looking for"

"I appreciate the impeccable packaging that my bolts arrived in." 

"Thank you for your excellent service"

"A picture for every book sounds like a good idea. Seeing the cover picture of a favorite old book would probably stir up enough memories that people would buy it."

"I have received American Literature. The package was in very good condition. The book seemed quite secure within the various layers. The two layers of cardboard that was in the shrink wrap seems essential in protecting the book and worked well. Thank you,"

"The Cicero just arrived, BEAUTIFULLY wrapped and certainly a beautiful copy. Thanks so much for all your help. It's been a pleasure to do business with you."

"I received my Wizard of Oz book today in fine condition, and saw your enclosed message. The book is in such good shape, it looks like it has never been read. I am so happy to have it for my collection of this particular series. The packaging of the book was great. Thanks again. I hope I can order from you again."

"I just received my book regarding "Out on a Limb" by Shirley Maclaine......I HAVE to tell you how HAPPY and SATISFIED I AM WITH THIS BEAUTIFUL BOOK! You said it was in EXCELLENT CONDITION and you were right....I want to Thank You very much for this Excellent condition book, I will be very happy and proud to give this book to the special someone I have in mind for it. Thank you and I will be telling my friends about your store...."

"Your shipment arrived today, in perfect condition. I would consider whatever you've instituted as a new packaging system as a complete success."

"The book I ordered, The American by John Jakes, arrived today in perfect condition. The packaging was very good. Thank you for your promptness and care. I look forward to further dealing with you."

"Thanks so much for "The Modigliani Scandal". I received it today. Beautiful as promised. Also for packing it well enough to survive a nuclear blast."

We will add more to this list from some of the other stores from time to time.

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